DELTA #17-942 Abrasive Sleeves, 120 grit, Assorted 10 Pack

DELTA #17-942 Abrasive Sleeves, 120 grit, Assorted 10 Pack

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DELTA #17-942 Abrasive Sleeves, 120 grit, Assorted 10 Pack

Industrial Quality.  Aluminum Oxide Fine 120 Grit

Phenolic Bonded - heat resistant adhesive securely 
holds aluminum oxide grains to sleeve.  Last longer than 
conventional glue bonding, helps prevent tearing.  
Flush joined - not overlapped for smoother running and 
operation in both directions.  
Cloth Backed - stays on drum when properly attached, 
will not stretch while sanding

Package of assorted sizes including:
2” & 1-½” diameter,  1-½” wide (two of each)
1” & ¾” diameter, 1” wide (two of each)
½” diameter, ½” wide ( 2 sleeves)

Use with rubber sanding drums on your drill press, 
portable drill or flexible shaft to do straight or contour 
sanding jobs.  Also good for sanding inside diameters 
and hard to reach areas.  We are an original equipment 
supplier, not an aftermarket.

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